Repurpose Full Release Delayed to June 2022

Sadly, we must say that Repurpose is delayed till June 2022.

We apologize if fans were looking forward to the fall 2021 release but intend to make sure this game is the best it can be while not sacrificing the health of the game staff to meet the deadline.

From all of us here at Cereus Garden, we hope you are just as excited for the game next summer because we have so much we want to share with this game with all of you!

If you want to support the game and get monthly updates on our progress please consider making a one-time donation of $6 to our ko-fi page or check out the merch store on the creator's Etsy!

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I found this game yesterday because I felt the urge to play a game, and I'm really excited for the release of the game this month! I'm fully looking forward  to it, but please take your time into releasing the game. Health comes first, :]


Health comes first! But I'll definitely be looking forward to the full release!


Do not worry, we understand- health always comes first, we can wait for as long as necessary.