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The following game contains

Strong language, sexual themes, references to death, mentions of police violence, discussions of gender and sexual identity, mild horror elements, mild violence, and is intended for mature audiences only.

Viewer discretion is advised!


You and several others have passed away.

Rather than being sent to Heaven or Hell, the powers that may be are unable to decide where you should go. You wake up in the Garden of Eden whose new home has been made in Limbo. You have three options: either take the trials to earn your place in Heaven, live it up in Hell, or remain lost in Limbo for eternity.

It's a lot to take in fresh off your deathbed... but maybe you can find peace along with your new friends in the afterlife.


Repurpose is an LGBT+ positive dating sim about death, love, and finding your purpose. We offer the ability to play as the gender that suits you best be it cis, trans, or anything else on this beautiful mess of a spectrum! The cast of REP are all in some capacity queer from their sexuality and/or gender!


  • Ability to play as cis, trans, or various other genders with unique interactions based on it.
  • Eccentric queer/LGBTQA+ characters
  • Partial voice acting from a talented cast.
  • 400K words of funny, dramatic, and touching story to go through.
  • 60+ CGs, 100s of unique sprite work, and dozens of backgrounds. This game puts the VISUAL in visual novel!
  • Catchy soundtrack
  • Secrets that lie underneath the surface....


Game Director: ResidentRabbit

Head Writers: Sam Rose, ResidentRabbit

Programming: ResidentRabbit

Art: ResidentRabbit

Art Assistants: SweetTracky, techytech, HappyPaca

Backgrounds: TJ Lee, Sara Krebs, ResidentRabbit

Music: Tenshihanaka

Voice Direction: Chase Beck and Adrian Garcia


  • Kalei: Chase Beck
  • Ramon: Adrian Garcia
  • DJ Roadkill: Kim Gasiciel
  • Mitts: Niko Vargas
  • Rosita: Josey Porras
  • Noel: John Patneaude
  • Fayebael: Nina Sumter
  • Cherubim(s): Nola Klop (Female/Rosita Ch3), Meli Grant (Ethos/Mitts Ch3), Jesse Nowack ( Male/Kalei Ch1
  • Hordes: Adrian Garcia
  • Dominion: Chase Beck


Questions and Answers:

Q: Can I  play this game for my youtube or twitch channel?

A: Of course! Just please provide a link to the itchio page for others to check out the game.

Q: What's this game's rating?

A: It's rated M for strong language, mature themes, and adult situations. There is no explicit nudity or graphic depictions of violence however so it is streamer friendly.

Q: How do I transfer saves to the newest version of the game if I don’t play through the itch app?

Step 1) Download the latest version of the game.

Step 2) Open the old version of the game you have where ever you saved it at (most likely in downloads,documents, or desktop) open the folder, go into the game folder and copy the "saves" folder.

Step 3) Open the latest version's folder, go into the game folder and paste the saves into that one. When you launch the game you'll be able to pick up where you left off!

Q: (Demo only) How do I unlock the last CG(s) in the gallery?

A: Do NOT give Hordes the keys, when at the bar encourage the fight, and join fight. The image is intentionally "black" but perhaps if the brightness was turned up a bit...

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(617 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Tagsangel, Comedy, Dating Sim, demon, drama, Horror, LGBT, LGBTQIA, Romance


Buy Now$10.99 USD or more

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Version 2.0
Repurpose (MAC AND WINDOWS) 894 MB
Version 2.0
Repurpose (MAC) 849 MB
Version 2.0
Repurpose Browser DEMO 205 MB

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Repurpose PC DEMO 245 MB
Repurpose Mac DEMO 210 MB

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A refreshing, heart-felt, and wonderful story detailing a lovely retelling of heaven, hell and the spaces in between. The best word I could use for the visual novel is sincere, I went in not expecting much and was blown away by the thought and craft put into this. Every character has a rich story and arc that will leave you engaged and at some times blown away. I am very impressed with what this studio was able to put together.

Despite a few technical errors, small things like typos, and a few lines not having the absolute best delivery, it was a great read. I have to really give credit to the voice actors who gave very strong deliveries, especially for dramatic and heavier moments. DJ Roadkill's voice actor did some absolutely great anger, yelling and screaming lines. As did Noel's VN! The inclusion also felt like a breath of fresh air in terms of how it was executed. It didn't feel like the characters were tokens, rather real people who were diverse in real ways, a great reflection of people in our actual world. DJ Roadkill's route has to be my favorite, followed by Irene's.

In terms of art, character sprites was well done, my only complaint would be that I feel like the background shots could've gotten a bit more love. The delivery of the text itself was also well utilized, stuttering or speeding up rapidly to reflect the character's tone. I would say that while the music was fine overall, more dynamic tracks would really help during climaxes of certain routes.

I echo some of the concerns of other people, there are some coding and technical errors that should be addressed in order to help make this a better experience.

Overall I really enjoyed my time reading this and I'm looking forward to more work from this team.

Thank you

This game was amazing! it literally subverted my expectations, this was such a dope ass dating sim. AHH! I can't stop raving about the ending, it was built up so perfectly - it had me screaming!


Is there anyway you could make a free version of the full game..


Hey there! I'm testing out the demo before buying the game first. I like it so far but I made a mistake when choosing my gender identity, and want to change it. How exactly do you reset the game in the main menu? I couldn't find the option. Is it only for the full game?


This is the best! I love this game!
I can't believe this but it seems like Noel's #1 place in my heart might be threatened. Cherubim jus came in and I just love them so effing much!
Now about that ending... it got me screaming. When is part 3 coming out? At least tell me the month or if it's this year😭


i find it really frustrating that you can't change your gender/name without restarting your progress :/ 



0/10, cant sex ramon!!! (genuinely good game, starts breakign it down in a good way)


I would like to apologize for mt actions it was like 9am 




I found an error, when I was trying to get Cherubim's bad ending, when puppet kills the MC and says how many loops the player has already done, the error "An exeption has occurred" appears.

is there a flowchart for cherubim’s route? i checked the flowchart walkthrough but couldn’t find anything for cherubim. 

Not yet! The creator of the walkthrough is still working on it!

I have a tip to help you with the route! Since you can rollback try clicking each option until you hear the chime for the good endings, I could probably fix a walkthrough for you if you need it :)

Will steam keys be back in stock?

I absolutely love this game and have had so much fun playing through all the different routes!! (Although the Cherubim one is hands down my favorite! Thank you so much for creating such a fun and enjoyable game and I'm counting down the days till part 3!! :D

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[Slight Spoilers!] + Question

I’ve been playing through the character routes and I unlocked the Cherubim route. I love the Good Omens reference in there. Had me wheezing. Also is it an option to continue the game normally after their route? I kinda accidentally unlocked their route when trying for Kalei. I’m assuming it was unlocked through Lucifer’s?

once you complete it all the other paths should reopen!

Thank you! BTW I love you game a lot, I’m excited for more. I’m almost done with all of the good endings :)

Is it possible to change my characters name? I called myself Ariel and well, there is a character by that name, whom I only met in the third route I am playing. Since I do not want to delete my progress... Is it possible to rename the MC?

sorry but the only way to change your name is by resetting the game in the main menu!

Hello I brought this and can't find the steam key it says that there are none 😭.

hello! i added some more so try again now it should work!

Thank you so much it worked , Thank you again for a fast reply , take care and good karma

i REALLY want to buy this game on steam but the transaction has failed TWICE i hope i get my money back because i still dont have the game and my money still gone... but SOON i can romance them! hopefully!


Just finished Part 2, I think I'm obsessed now. That was better than I ever could have expected and I'm so hyped for Part 3 holy shit

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Hello! i have a teensy problem, i bought the game yesterday after playing the demo which i enjoyed to the fullest but im struggling to try and romance faye, i dont know how to get onto her route and the guide did not help me at all, can someone help me here?

you have to get three good endings and go to the part in the prologue where it asks you where you want to go and a fourth option should be available 

Gahh! thank you so much! i got through lucis path and cheris, cannot WAIT for pt 3! 

happy to hear!!


kys faggot


dude shut up

(1 edit) (+1)

Hey! I have a little issue with this game.

I played the demo on my mac and it worked perfectly fine, so I then purchased the full game on steam however now it doesn't run at all. I applied for a refund on steam, but I would still like to purchase and play. If I purchase it again on itch.io will it work? Since it worked for the demo, I really want to play this game but I'm not sure whether to give it up since it won't run on steam - Steam says it might not run due to it being a 32-bit game, but my other 32-bit games run so it may just be a glitch since the demo did work.

If I purchase it on itch.io and it still doesn't work am I eligible for a refund? Sorry, I don't use itch.io much. 

Loved the game and story so far though! The art is gorgeous too.


hi there! Sorry you were having trouble on steam. Its worth a shot through itch and if its still not working you will be refunded!

(1 edit) (+1)

Thank you so much for your support!

After i got refunded on steam, i tried to purchase it on itch but it kept taking the money out of my card but also not verifying my purchase then refunding me a couple of minutes later so I gave up, I went back to steam where it says it won’t run on any newer macbook software  after the 10.15.7 Catalina (I have the 14.1.2 Sonoma), however it says that for all 32 bit games and they still work for me anyways except this one for some reason, so I tried to downgrade my software so it would be compatible with the game and even tried to install windows or bootcamp then repurchased the game again on steam but no luck. So I don’t there’s much we can do despite my attempts, but thank you anyways!

The demo was really well made and I look forward to one day playing this game if I ever have an opportunity to get a windows laptop or pc (シ_ _)シ

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WOOOOHOOOO!!! part 2 was even more incredible than I expected!!! Part two was worth the wait and I can't wait to see what happens next!!

spoilers below lol

I am so excited for part 3 and I loved that Faye turned out to be Luci, it made me very happy that my prediction was right!! Also Hordes being Adam?!!?!? OMG?!?! I still have to play through all the endings but so far I am blown away by how the story is flushing out!!!!!

(2 edits) (+1)

Are there even plans for a part 3? I haven't completed all the routes yet, so if it's mentioned that there's plans for a part 3 I just don't know it yet. But I don't really see a reason as to what a part 3 would contain at this point. Maybe to see Faye's route extended, but even that ending seems fairly shut and done even if it was fairly ambiguously open ended as to what would happen going forth on the good ending.

Although I'll admit, being thrown directly from Faye's route into the angel one (I only just started it) was kinda jarring, and left me disoriented due to just getting the the static effect, and going right into an altered prologue. With all three previous endings giving us the credit scrolls and then straight to menu, I was super confused as to what was going on. I get it makes sense, since it would otherwise be hard to integrate the angel into any other normal replays, with the whole 'them not being present beforehand' but a warning would be nice as to alleviate confusion. Even if it becomes obvious what happened fairly quickly, a warning right after the static animation would've been cool, since I almost went to restart since I thought something had gone wrong, which I suspect would've forced me to go through the entire Faye route again just to play the other storyline. Not my proudest moment I'll admit, but a risk that could've been totally avoided had there been just a brief and short message for the player to read, right before the altered prologue kicked off.

Edit: Still haven't finished Cheri's route yet, but I'll be honest. After finishing Faye's route, it feels... Kinda wrong. So far it seems like what happened with Faye did in fact happen, which to me, as someone who's frankly liked Faye's route the most out of all the ones I've played, feels kinda wrong if I'm being honest. It feels like it sorta cheapens what happened with Faye. All the other routes are isolated stories, as such I don't feel like they cheapen every other story, but if Faye knows about the relationship shared with the player, it just feels wrong with them then just ending up with Cheri. I'll come back with my further feelings once I finish the route, but so far it isn't looking good. Mind you, that doesn't mean Cheri's route is bad, it just doesn't cater to my taste if this is the path it ends up taking. And if that is the way it's going, then I'll still just consider Faye's story over and done with at her ending as my own canon, since I fell too much in love with her for the player to just end up with Cheri. 

Edit: 2 Alright. Just finished it, and I'm feeling a little more on board with this path now, especially with a planned part 3. And being able to say no to go to Heaven Home, and stay in Limbo like Faye asks of you, gives me hope that at the end of this journey, we'll still be able to choose to stay with Faye, even if the path is technically still called Cheri. Or I guess it's not called Cheri anymore since I did get the good end for Cheri, which does suggest that it's the end of her path and we'll be able to pick which path to go down on once part 3 is out. I sure do hope so, because while I do adore all of the female, agender, and bigender cast, Faye is absolutely my favorite out of the bunch. Especially the little extra person who's along for the ride on her path. 

I do apologize for my excessive post here, I'll freely admit that I've enjoyed being able to get my thoughts down 'on paper' so to speak as I went along. For what it's worth, I did love every bit of this game that I played, and it was totally worth the asking price for the game, if not more if I'm being honest. I'd certainly have been happy to pay more for the game than I did, because this was absolutely a ride worth enjoying. And hell, I'll even go so far as to say that I was almost brought to tears multiple times along the way, which I frankly didn't expect based on when I originally played the demo back in the day while the Kickstarter was still happening. Back then the demo, while still looking damn fine, didn't look like it would take itself as serious as the finished product would eventually turn out to be. As I've now been proven thoroughly wrong about over my last what? 12 hour binge? So kudos on making a fantastic game, that not only managed to be incredibly entertaining, but to also break any and all expectations I had about the game going into the full release. 

(1 edit) (+1)

I just finished Feyes route and I loved it so much, a lot more than I thought I would,,, like... a LOT LOT more than I thought I would. 

lmao i just figured out bar could be used as a word meaning to prevent someone or smt i gotta brush up on my vocab or something :0

if you dont mind me asking, how do i do her route? ive been trying for hours and it just isnt working

we have a walk through on our page!

(1 edit)

I'm not sure what I am doing wrong, I can't get the choice to seek out Faye. I completed all of the good endings before this, do I have to do the bad ends as well? Nevermind: I just had to reset everything and it works because my saves did not carry over.

I think it would be better if you could choose to go the Utopia or Hell at the start instead of having to go to Limbo


Its story important for the story to start in Limbo

But besides that, IT'S GREAt :)


I wish it was free cause I can't buy it T-T

I am not sure if I should report this here., but every single good ending I got has a rollback error in the line before the credits.

thanks for letting me know l'll look into it!!


This game is awesome! Is there a guide to getting all the different endings anywhere? I want to get all the endings so I can see the full story!


Additional question, what exactly is part 2? Apologies if you've answered this elsewhere, I couldn't find anything about it... Will it add more to the currently available routes, or just add the two new routes?

(1 edit)

Not sure but it seem like it will release on Christmas eve so won't have to wait too long to find out.

They have a flowchart though I found it on a comment they reply to, here you  go!       https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1wqqu2ov9UBNzy1nZ2Poehvly8YPULHjJTVje3EcsAa8/...

Someone PLEASE tell me how to get Repurpose's soundtracks :'(. They sound SOOO GOOOD!

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What a cool game. Do u guys have any walkthrough for this game?


Hi! Hopefully this is the place to report bugs... In the Prologue, the player characters will tell Mitts, Rosita and DJ "I'm nonbinary." I know this is supposed to match with what you chose in the begining because I played the demo and it worked there (I chose agender) but regardless of my choice in the full game, they'll still say "I'm nonbinary" instead of "I'm agender." :(


thanks for letting me know I'll correct that in a future update!

it’s made for web but I can’t play on anything other than pc because of the way the name is coded is this only meant for pc?

yes! The full game is meant to be played on PC or Mac. Only the web version is only the demo


Please fix the issues/bugs or my rating will stay a 1 star only and it's only got 1 star because I can't go lower than that!


Is this game done? Like fully or will there be more parts? If so do we have to pay for each part? Ive played the demo and loved it but I just wanna make sure its in my price range!


The base game (the 6 main characters routes)is 'done' but a second part/expansion is being worked on include two more routes to answer any and all lingering questions! The update will be free to anyone who owns the game but we plan on increasing the game's price a little bit once we release the additional stories.

Awsome! Im buying it rn!

i am so excited for when part 2 comes out i love this game so much 

Is the game fully voiced?

only partially!


hi there! uh i was wondering why it tells me windows protected my pc when i try to open the game? thanks in advance <3

its windows being overprotective. just run it anyway!

alrighty, thanks so much! i was excited to play this game so my paranoid ass was kinda bummed when it said that it protected my computer. hope there isnt any trouble. thanks again <3

it won't let me start can you tell me how to fix it?

heres two common solutions!

1)  Hold shift while double clicking the exe icon. a grey window should open up up and under "Renderer"  switch from "Automatically Choose" to one of the other options listed under there. additionally disabling the gamepad might also be solve the problem.

2)  try placing the game's folder into the C: directory !

if neither of these work let me know!


When getting the good end to Mitts' route RenPy kicks out an error about a missing voiceline. I'm running the latest build at time of posting on Windows and I've got the stacktrace here on pastebin.

Lovely game though!


This game is basicaly for fatherless children


What is this even supposed to mean?


just warped bigot speak, categorizing missing parents as possibilities as to why someone would be gay or trans has no reason or statistics to back it up just brain rotted bigotry egged on by their own parents that brainwashed them. recycled useless nonsense by an ailed mind.

pls english


Did you make an account just to say this? 


Happened to see this in the pride bundle and was drawn to the really cute style of it. I especially adore the smol ball of anger that is Noel XD But so far all characters I've seen so far (haven't played other routes just yet) seem really sweet and of course it's always nice seeing so much diversity <3
Def. makes me excited for the other routes and that there's apparently even going to be a second part if I read that right? Hell yeah!

Good job on this, def. a nice VN! <3


i didnt know i was gay till i saw mitts (is it gay if they now identify as a woman?)


If you're a man, no it's not gay to be attracted to a woman.


thank god

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