Repurpose Part 1 Relase date!

December 24th 2022

I'm in a place where I can say that confidently! We also have a fancy new trailer you can check out on youtube!

Lastly I made some minor bug fixes (mostly related to audio) and add an option to change name/gender before the game starts. Once you've created you're character, to maintain the game's artistic integrity, you're locked in as that character for the remainder of the demo. For a "true restart" you'll have to go into your system's AppData, go into the renpy folder, and delete the Repurpose folder. Keep in mind this will relock all the CGs and music in the extras menu. 

The price for Part 1 will be 6.99 USD.

Side note I couldn't fit anywhere else but I removed the browser version of the game since it kept giving people errors and I genuinely have no idea or the time to figure out how to solve it.

See you then!


Repurpose Mac DEMO 210 MB
Nov 23, 2022
Repurpose PC DEMO 245 MB
Nov 23, 2022

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genuinely can not WAIT to play this, gotta save my money but it'll be worth it!



TAKE MY MONEY fr I'm so impatient best Christmas present ever

So excited! How many parts will the full game be?

Two! Part 2 will have Cherubim, Faye route, and final story arc!


I’m literally so hyped wtf. LETS????? GET THIS BREAD?????