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Do you guys have any social media? How do I learn when the full game is released? I'm s excited to play this!! Wonderful work with the demo


thank you so much for the bigender option ;;~;; i love the representation!! keep up the amazing work!!!

thank you and much love!

The game is so cool! I really like the drawings and art style! I played only browser version, does the downloadable version has more content? Oh, and there's a bug in a dressing up section, where all the clothes are tryed on instead of only picked one, but it's not a great deal!


Uhh well. Interesting way to portray these.. characters. No hate just not my type of game. Nice art style. Audio file gets buggy after a little bit which is kind of annoying, but I only played like 5 minutes of this so what can I say.

Theres a bug in the clothing choice part where it goes through every option and forces you to pick the suspenders


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So much representation!!! I saw Noel and dropped everything to play this game immediately 🥰 I'm really looking forward to the full release 😁. Is there a mailing list I can join? (edit: theres a bug at about 1:19:00)

In case anyone cares to see my reactions I made a video! 


thanks so much for playing out game! it makes us happy ace people feel included with Noel in our game.

We'll also be fixing that bug in a later update of the demo that better reflects the final quality of the game now that we have professional programmers and not just the creator putting together spaghetti code together

Looking at the characters before playing the game I saw the genderfluid asexual and i-

thank you so much. you literally have a character like me and :)


that makes us so happy to hear!! You're valid and seen 


I almost cried when just looking at the characters before playing the game. Noel made me feel so represented and real.


We're all so happy that you feel that way! Remember that you matter

It says you can play on browser but im having a bit of trouble typing the name in (sorry to bother you)

Make it where we can date Hordes. 😳

is it weird if i was a lesbian but fell for Noel? wtf i need the full stuff

Its fine LOL! Noel is genderfluid so after enough time passes he/she will be your girl friend

This is so cool so far!! Can't wait to play the full game!


Oh, wow. I didn't realize it was just a demo lol! Anyway, I really love this a lot! I don't know how I'll ever decide who's route I want to do when it's out! Thank you so much for working on this, I loved all the characters so much! 

Hi! Do you pretend to release it to android someday?

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When I played this I got so hooked that I forgot it was just the demo! I immediately fell in love with all the characters and I absolutely loved the art style! I'm super exited to see the full game. I had one question though, what devices can you play this on when it's finished? I'm using my Chromebook for now but I was wondering if it was going to be coming (or its planning to be) on mobile? Also, I picked the booty shorts option and,  OMGtheyweresosupporitveandkindtheydidntevencarethatIwasaguy- 

this happened after choosing  fight, fight, fight! option near the end in the bar scene,


can I draw fanart for the characters?




This game is... Amazing! Ohmygod, I love all the characters and cant wait to see how it continues to grow. Would you be fine if we cosplayed the characters?


of course that would be wonderful!

very cool so far, looking forward to playing the rest!


Just finished playing. I absolutely loved it! Though Mitts would have to be my favorite character. I love her design. DJ Roadkill would be a second close. I love their energy. I can't wait to see the rest of the game. I will say, when I was choosing an outfit, it made me go through all the outfits .. was that suppose to happen? Either way, the game was cute, funny, interesting, informative and thought provoking. Are we going to also be searching for answers on how we died? Is it possible to be like Faye and get a permit to travel back and forth between Hell and Limbo? Also, I'm assuming that we'll find more information on Noel and how exactly he ended up as a fallen angel? I have so many questions but I'm really honestly stuck on Mitts design. I absolutely adore her design. Great work again! Much blessing and support for the continued development and success of the game and I will be waiting for it to come out.

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 This game has such a good humour and at first the characters seem stereotypical but they are rather well built and i felt myself really connecting and caring about them. That doesnt happen so often in dating sims. If i could leave a note, i would love for the character we play to have options to choose what kind of personality we hold, that way being more immersive. Really looking forward to the full game. Great job and good luck!


thank you!! ^^ optional personality may be too hard to program and script sorry but im glad you enjoyed the game thus far!!

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I think this game has some potential! The art is cute, I appreciate your efforts to be representative and diverse (although it may be easier to follow if you specified the characters' info in their bios instead of having flags that not all players will know/know how to look up), and the concept is interesting and pretty unique. 

I have some constructive criticism about the game, which I'll go into below, but I want to say that everything is said out of a desire to help and provide genuine, in-depth feedback. Anyone, please feel free to ask any questions/dispute any points I make/etc (civilly, of course)! I'm sorry in advance for the long comment ^^;



Speaking as an editor, the primary concern I have regarding Repurpose is its writing quality. I feel that the script and its style are a bit clunky and unrefined. There are a LOT of grammatical errors and typos, the way the plot and characters behave feels unrealistic to me, and I found the cast rather unlikeable.

Some elements/instances that particularly stuck out to me are as follows:

  1. This may just be a stylistic preference, but I don't think the use of slang works. For example: Kalei saying "bruh"/"cuz" once or twice didn't seem to mesh with the way he normally spoke, the narration using the slang "lowkey" made the writing feel dated and unrefined, and the DJ saying "lol"/Ramón saying "kthanxbye" aloud felt less like a character quirk and more like the writer perhaps forgot that it was supposed to be a verbal exchange?
  2. There are a few instances in which the characters seem to be used as mouthpieces for the writer's beliefs. Despite agreeing with these views, I feel the dialogue included is too intense and glaringly out of place. There's nothing wrong with including politics in games, of course, but I felt it was really heavy-handed and didn't feel like a natural, compelling way to discuss these issues (especially since it was the demon who seems rather pro-torture who was getting so passionate about it).
  3. Often, it felt like things were happening because the script said so, and not because it makes sense for the characters' professed personalities.
    1. The way Ramon and Kalei are so cavalier about airing these people's personal death information in front of a crowd of strangers seems a bit strange, as does the fact that most everyone is so calm about the situation. Isn't Kalei supposed to be kind and straight-laced? Why would he choose to do this in such a chaotic and potentially upsetting manner?
    2. Everyone seems to blindly accept that they're actually in the afterlife and not in some kind of cult or dream or experiment or anything more rational. It doesn't feel believable that nobody tries to leave, asks for proof, faints, has a breakdown, etc. and doesn't make any kind of noise at all until the named cast gets through their intros. Every unnamed character is completely silent and unmentioned to the point I forgot there ever was a crowd. And it's not just the ensemble cast -- Michelle's main concern after all this is "find scrap," of all things. The way people behave in this game really tests my suspension of disbelief.
  4. This brings me to my final writing point: this is a very dialogue-heavy script. This isn't always bad, of course, but I think Repurpose could benefit from some more explanations, descriptions, introduction on the setting/PC, etc. before jumping into introducing a whole cast of characters and whatnot. It feels like the plot just really wants to get going without building any expositional foundation first.

Character Designs/Depictions

Overall, I think the character art for Repurpose is good! It's clean, with a mostly-consistent visual style and mood. However, there are also a couple of character designs that, when combined with the way the characters are written, strike me as potentially a bit...sensitive.

  1. I feel that the exaggerated, stereotypical accent/speech pattern that the character Kalei is written with makes his dialogue both confusing and a bit uncomfortable to read, and his outfit (stereotypical Hawaiian flower crown + tattoos), when combined with the exaggerated written accent, just feels like a bit...much. A bit too stereotypical.
  2. The same goes for Rosita, in my opinion. The combination of her waitress' outfit, her exaggerated hourglass body type, her low-income background, and her "airheadedness" just feels a bit off to me. Edging too close to stereotypes about Latinas for my personal comfort.

Lastly, and this is a much smaller thing than anything else I've brought up, but I just wanted to let you know that the interface is not accessible to some disabled players. The yellow-on-yellow text/background combo for choices and the font the game is in can make the text difficult to read and process for those with dyslexia, visual impairments, processing disorders, etc..


Overall, I wish you the best of luck with development! I think you have an interesting idea as well as some lovely art here, and with some refinement and maybe a beta-reader/editor for the writing side of development, you could have a good, fun game in the making!

I hope that my feedback is helpful in some way and doesn't come across as harsh or mean in any way; I genuinely have warm feelings towards this project and I want to hear the story you want to tell.

 Have a lovely rest of your weekend, and happy writing/coding/etc!


you bring up some good points! one of the few things I had to disagree with was the character designs, particularly with Rosita since, dont know if you know this but I'm a low income and often airheaded Latinx so I feel like I know how to represent my myself in a character i heavily identify with. 

I also sorta don't feel the story has to be 100% realistic with characters reactions to the story since, idk that just not what I want to do and make the game more fun than a complete drab to enjoy.

Since the kickstarter I've since hired some writers/editors to help improve the writing flow and grammar in the finished game product and I'll be looking into improving the UI to be more accessible and easy to interact with!


where is the full version ? pls give link.

and is it free ;p ?


full version wont be finished till summer next year!

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I got 2 points for Noel, 2 for Rosita, 1 for Ramon, 1 for Kalei and none for everyone else on my second playthrough. Honestly I love this and can't wait until the full game is out. I honestly feel very loved through the characters and game itself, given I am Genderfluid and Pansexual(or Panromantic and Asexual, I do not know that for sure currently) and honestly was touched when I discovered Noel was Genderfluid. In the dressing scene I often got stuck, but the most recent time I looked all of them up and chose the one I felt the most connected to that day, being the smart suspenders. I honestly love how- flexible I think is the word for this -DJ is. I love all of the main characters almost equally and feel the most pulled to Noel, given our similar personalities and liking to fighting others, liking when people get brave and fight us I guess??? But anyways, I find Noel very relatable on the level of going easy on someone(but not really doing so, just saying that to hide the anger and embarrassement best possible) given rankings of what people are I suppose. I'm thinking on drawing some fanart if possible! I tried doing so before but I didn't even get that far before I either lost it or someone threw it out. Though I will wait before making the fanart, given my current life situation.

love it can't wait for the rest

thank you! ^^


This vn got me so hooked to the point where I forgot it was a demo D: but I think I might pay for the kickstarter because I really support this game and I think it's really great! <33 do you have any plans on when you want to release the full game by? (if that makes sense haha)

at soonest june 2021 ^^ glad you enjoyed it!

is the game fully released yet?



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Uhh just finished the game and I kinda expected it to be good cus of the story, the characters (my boi was willing to go to Hell for Ramón ,he is just tooo damn pretty *-*no fair) and all...and yep it was^^

The whole experience was so lovely, I adored the game!! I just really hope it will be updated soon cus I cannot wait to get more of this cutesy story (and have even more overflowing amount of quality time with Ramón Rojo himself)✨


Dang, this is really good! Love the everything basically :DD! 

thank you!!


I just realized it reads your clock, that's really cool!

Omg yes there's an asexual character! Awesome!

Wait so did we die a real brutal death? I'm curious about that

btw this is really good I think I have a crush on everyone here lol

its a secret till the full game is done! And thank you c:

No problem! btw do you have an idea on when the full game will come out?


I own i think over 200 visual novels now and this game really hit me out of the crowd. I gave the demo a try after looking at the kickstarter and the idea and art pulled me in while the story and characters kept me reading. Love the game and can't wait for the full version after the kickstarter!

thank you so much!!

The art and character personality's are amazing! I wish I was as talented as U! I'm sure the full game will be amazing! OWO's & UWU's !!!!

thank you so much I'm very glad you think so!!


I really like the demo so far but was wondering if it was possible if you could add an option to change the font style? It's a bit hard to follow with some of the colors

i'll look into improving it! ^^

I GREATLY enjoyed checking out your game and would love to put a full play through on my channel.  Here is my 28 minute play of the beginning of the game.  I hope you enjoy.


Thanks for playing the game! It gives me a big ol gay smile to witness first hand play the game and enjoy themselves :D 

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Love the game so far! All the characters are so freaking CUTE!!! I cant wait for it to be a full game:)

Think I found something.. When you pick an outfit Mitts says "we stan a guy..." even when I have she/her picked

thank you so much!


So cute, I loved it!! 

Thank you so much! ^^

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