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playing the demo was really cool :-) It's a really interesting concept.  Can't wait for part 1 to get released!

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damn i just started and I was so surprised when kalkei spoke hawaiian. Didn't expect that

and here comes the pidgin

Just unmuted the site, he sounds like my uncle

What's the average time to complete one route(around)? I was just thinking of buying this game^^

about 1 hour to 1 and a half!


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hey, so, in the browser, whenever I try to click something from the bottom, the game freezes, and I have to refresh. :[ 1/5

there is a popup, with an error message saying "Error: Uncaught RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded (see JavaScript console for details)" and under the error message is; "This is a known issue in Safari and Webkit browsers, Please report this to Apple." 2/5

same thing happens on the title screen, in neither of the cases does the music stop, it is just that it does not process any of my inputs. 3/5

ALSO! More details, when my mouse hovers over something, it does not 'light up' as usual. And the music has stopped now. 4/5

But overall, it seems that others have documented this error, and you (Eros) have said that downloading it would help, so I will be sure to do that! I am having a great time with this game, and would love to see where it goes in the future! 5/5

(sorry for the extra comment) dramatic gasp, going to guess that this is the farthest you can go without downloading it 😔

Feye: "not much of a party-goer, are you [player]?" 

click past that and game stops, and the famed error screen pops up again


it keeps telling me that an error happened when Feya says im not a party-goer or something like that, i just want to marry Noel-

Eros2 minutes ago

That does seem to be the farthest anyone gets on brower. I think at this point ill just remove the browser version since i have no clue on how to fix this sorry 😔

If you can download the demo and play it that way its best that you do!

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how much will the full game be? I really want to play it once it releases but im scrapped for money right now.

6.99 usd!

great! will it be available on steam?


revisiting the game once again


still my excitement from when i first found this game has not died...i'm dying for the full release! 


I don't know if this is a bug, but every time i click something that is on the bottom of the screen, like the save button it crashes me.

same :


Very excited to see what will happen in the game! The choices up until this point have been really interesting and the various interactions we've had with the characters have been lots of fun as well!
Thank you for putting so much effort into this game and what you do in general ❤

should it concern me that the devil sounds like every arab man "FrOm My HoMe CoUnTrY"


I can't imagine how difficult it must be putting all this together with only a handful of help, but you've done and amazing job with it. Thank you so much for making this, I mean that. I just hope you're not stressing yourself out too much. You have my word, I have plans to give your hard work support on patreon as soon as my broke ass has the money to do so. Stay awesome! 


the industrial revolution and its consequences have been a disaster to the human race

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I love this so much I can't wait to play the full game!! Noel stole my heart <3 (and holy shit, his birthday is ONE DAY before mine!!)

Will you be selling an OST of the game? The music is so good, I'd love to buy it!!

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I adore this game for everything it is from the wide variety of LGBTQ representation to its genuinely interesting story. Though I'm curious, is there a feature or button I can press to change my MC's name, gender, and pronouns?

Because I noticed that after I entered mine that there is no feature in the game to change this. I'm merely asking because I want to experience all the routes and I hadn't chosen a female mc to romance Rosita. Wondering if I'm just missing something, if this hasn't been added yet, or simply not a planned feature. 


CAN I DATE NOEL? CAUSE GODDAMN NOEL IS FINEEEEEE i literally dont care if Noel is like, 2,000 years old.


question: can i dAte ramon in the game. genuinly idc if im a homewrecker


You can! He's divorced so no homewrecking needed lol!


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You better share him 

ill think abt it

for some reason when i try to download the pc version it downloads but like its not in the files it sayes that its removed 


When I click on setting I getting this error:
Error: Uncaught RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded (see JavaScript console for details)
This is a known issue in Safari and Webkit browsers. Please report this issue to Apple.
I only have uBlock Origin and after disabling adblock same error

Hmm that is strange. Not sure I know how to help with that besides recommending to download the game and play it that way.

ok thanks for answer 


Just replayed the demo after seeing the voices update - first played it two years ago, it's so awesome to see how much it has improved! Can't wait to play the full game :)

Can't believe you ended the hell route of the demo with Ramon getting hit by a truck though, it made me actually laugh out loud. That was the funniest thing I've seen all day my god lmaoo

What's the last picture in the gallery0>0? How can I get it?T-T

Perhaps if you held onto a certain thing you found  till the very end !

Tysm! ^^


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omg so lame i ddidnt even get a cute scene with noel ........wastseddddddd my two hours

i feell you :(

You can get a cute scene by keeping the keys (Stay Silent or blowjob one), encouraging the fight, and joining the fight!

thanks :0

You can get a cute scene by keeping the keys (Stay Silent or blowjob one), encouraging the fight, and joining the fight!

no audio in the demo at all

It might be an issue on your since it audio plays for everyone else.

I downloaded the demo and when prompted to give a name and pronouns I misclicked. Does anyone know if you could somehow change the the pronouns for name?

If you closed the game before finishing the character creator it should have you back at the beginning. Otherwise might have to delete/ reinstall the game

I didn't get asked for pronouns at all (wanted to, remember that I did get asked in a previous version).


Played the demo and I am so excited to play the full game! Really nice work on the characters. 10/10


doesnt work on mac even though it says it would </3

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Can I get some help downloading this? When i opened the zip file, it didn't show me anythting i could click in the file to play the game. I found a file in the folder named Repurpose.exe, but that wasnt able to open, even when i tried the unarchiever app, thanks to anyone who helps me, this game seems super cool!

Edit : I'm going to try and download winebottler to see if that helps!

Edit2 : Tried it and it didnt work for some reason, idk what I'm doing wrong

you should extract the file!!! right click the entire~ game file, and then you'll see the option "extract". just click that, extract everything, and a new folder of the same game should open(basically a copy) and THEN it should play!

you've probably figured it out already, but hope that helps! :3c <3

didn't this creator have a another game about assasins ?? Just curious

Hi! i think you're probably referring to Night/shade. in which case is from another studio! Here is the link if that is the game you were referring to:


Replyed the game and still after all this time...✨Noel supremacy✨


Hell yeah! Noel top tier.

was my first vn i played back in 2021 still love it :)))) <333


I can't seem to open it on my Mac no matter how hard I try, I keep trying to open the zip and it says "You can't open the application "Repurpose Demo.exe" because Microsoft windows applications are not supported on macOS". Im not sure what to do or how to play it :(


I had the same problem :( 


You need to install winebottler. Winebottler will allow you to open any app like this :)

does anyone know how to save? i don't think it's auto :')

We will not be able to save but he saves progress from a certain point, meaning he saves from himself


I love this game, the story, the art, and overall everything is awesome! Im really looking forward to its full release and new updates ^^

How do you save this game? btw I played the 0.06 version and now trying out the 2.0 version now


I wonder if the full release is going to cost money :0


I saw from a comment way back that it will cost some bucks. But with all the work they've put into this I can say it's valid, but in my view I hope it will be worth the spend ^^


Thank you for telling meee :D i just wanted a heads up before the game was released, so thank youuu <3


Np buddy ^^

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does anyone know whens the full release? like the date or smt

Deleted 156 days ago

if you go onto their twitter they made an informal post about it! they said that it's going to be split into two parts and the earliest part one with be released is Late August/Early September!

if you want to find the exact post it's dated the 19/20 of June (depending on your timezone) and the @ is @ResidentRabbit 

Im so excited!!! Is it still planned to come out this month????

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Ayo who else here is back from 2020? 


ME! lookin for the full release T^T


omg me too!


meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee looking for full thing I>I


just played the demo and it's super good! the art is beautiful and the story is so well done. i can tell that the dev(s) really put their heart into making this game. i'm so excited to do ramon's route. for some reason, he reminds me of a mild and less-threatening version of alastor with a hint of angel dust from hazbin hotel, which is probably why i like him so much.  anyway, i'm looking forward for the full release! goodluck with the game :)

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