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Cant wait for the full version!!

Hi! Having some problems on mac sadly. I've been looking through the comments and I've seen that a few people have had the same problem as well. Hoping that this can get fixed when the game is fully release. <3

I wasn't very confident going into the game, but the more I played, the more I got attached. [Especially with Ramon, I think I may be a satanist /joking] I started loving TechBabe, Then Rosita, Then DJ. I was so pumped when It was just me and them. I also put my name as Hottie. I screamed everytime they called me that. Lmao. Anyway, I legit CRIED when it ended. Screw TechBabe [Litterally] And Pinkie Pie.  Also, my new favorite quote is ''Not without consent, ofc!''

Overall, really amazing game.

I still don't know how to save tbh

The game was great, I really liked Ramon but how do I save D:


I'm in love with Noel, genuinely can't wait for the full game!


The demo was amazing. And existentially terrifying!
Good show.

this game looks so fun but it doesn't work on mac :( are there instructions on how to make it work anywhere?


I love DJ Roadkill i wan to to hug them so bad


it looks so promising! i can't wait to buy the full version :) 

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AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! I'm so happy this game exists!! Honestly the characters are so lovable and also slightly relatable (cough cough dj roadkill) 

Also, I've noticed to little talking errors in the demo that i'll point out. 

The next section contains minor spoilers for the game, so be aware!

1.) During the scene where Ramon is making a joke about people being cooked in the fire from the building Rosita started, Kalei appears on screen, but the text box says that Ramon is saying "I don' tink dats fun-" or something similar to that.

2.) Same concept except it's Rosita talking about her dad taking a table from their neighbors yard. It shows that DJRK is saying that line, not Rosita.

All in all, I think this demo is amazing and  I really can't wait until the full game release comes out!!


As an agender person, I was so happy to see that I was able to choose the agender option! I was super late but came across this game and I love it a lot so far, keep up the great work!!

I used to be able to play this in browser but now the option to play in browser is not available. I would try to download the game, well, I already tried to, but it isn't compatible for my device anymore. I remember playing it in the past, and I noticed that some changes have been made, namely it seems there is a new sprite for Kalei (possibly Noel having a new slightly different sprite) and the character information 'photos' or 'bios' are different than before. There also seems to be more 'bodyguards' for that one character that had (from what I remember) managed to get both Mitchelle and the player in a stuck point. I remember that Noel's 'bio' previously did not include that she/he/they were panromantic, and I have noticed that in ALL the character 'bios' they have a bit at the bottom showing their voice actors. It is great that you managed to get voice actors and I can't wait to hear the voices they have been given since I have previously played the game! (I may have forgotten something but if I have I can come back later to say it.)

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This is a really fun sim, can't wait to see the full thing. I enjoy the plot and most of the characters --Faye struck me as....annoyingly holier-than-thou, which is deliciously ironic considering where she's from, and I hope was intentional. I encouraged the fight just to see her have to stop acting so saintly, lol. I was annoyed that I was left with no choice but to restrain Noel and let Faye win their fight, I was totally rooting for him.

In fact, I would say the lack of choices is the weakest part of this game. You tend to go long blocks of text (with no options for auto playing or skipping) without any choices, and your character just doing their thing. It's a lot closer to a VN where the character already has a set personality, and you're just along for the ride. 

Still, I can't wait to see more! I hope that Faye doesn't continue to get to be the star of the show in every scene she's in, though, LOL! Maybe even get proven wrong about something once or twice??? Or can we at least disagree with her, ever? I didn't like how our character has to constantly suck up to her, haha.


Demo was so fun!! But I couldn't seem to have sound for it


It was good,  I enjoyed it but then yeah xD it suddenly go to credits lololol. I cant wait to see the full vers


i was literally so invested in this that i forgot it was a demo and got so sad when the credits popped up. please please PLEASE keep working on this!! so good and all the characters really feel 3D. the only thing i wish there was more of is character choices, but it was literally amazing. <3


Heyyy! Absolutely LOVED the game, but I can't seem to download the demo in my mac. I don't know if it's because it is a macbook air, but when open the downloaded demo I can only find the windows file.  I hope you can help me with this :)

Also, are you planning on making a discord server or a twitter account? It'd be fantastic to have a place dedicated to this game, thank you! <3


Love this game however the controls are a bit off and I don't know how to save :( 

A save, and load option would be great! Maybe a control menu or just a pop up about which key binds controls stuff would help. Also, the asexual representation got me so excited that I immediately download the game! Thank you so much :) 

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May I ask why Kalei is sometimes written using "d"s instead of "th"s?

apart of his accent



I'm having trouble accessing the game on my MacBook Air.

Can someone help me?

i love this game and can't wait to see it finished! i wish i could have contributed but i'm glad you surpassed your goal


Love it! All I have to request with the game's development is poly relationship options :)


yay! patience is paying off! I'm looking forward to seeing more in the future. no rush though. good things are always worth waiting for ^_^


aaah im so happy. i totally forgot about this game for a bit but it showed up on my page and i wanted to replay it! its just as good as the first time and the artwork is so lovely and it just brings me joy interacting with the characters. keep it up im so excited!!!

i love this game so far! i remember playing the first unfinished demo, and this one was similar but still really fun to play. i do have one question though, will it ever be an option for a cis male/female to use they/them pronouns? or will they/them pronouns be exclusive to people who are genderqueer, nonbinary, etc? thanks so much !


they/them is exclusive to nonbinary genders sorry!

no worries! was just wondering. thanks anyway!


I love this game so much! But when is the official full game coming out? early January or way more into the year?


in the summer!

Oooone more question, in your opinion, heaven, hell, or limbo??

In this developers personal opinion, i would go to Hell!



The demo is just, butterflies in my stomach. I am patiently excited for the full release. I'm glad there was a gender identity option after pronouns, since so far this is the only visual novel ive played that has those options, so i'm very happy about that :D.  Also i wanted to ask will this game be available on steam?

Were glad you enjoyed it! And  it shall be on steam too!


AWESOME! It's great to see the updated demo! I've been checking this page every week for an update, and I'm glad it's finally here! I assume this is not the official demo? If not, I can't wait to see the official one!


This is the offical demo yes! ^^

Hi! This game is wonderful and I am excited for the update! Thank you for releasing it. However, I can't get it to work on my Mac computer when downloading the contents for the demo. It just comes in a zipped folder. Do I extract these files and put them in another folder of my existing demo? Do I delete the existing demo that I have saves on so it can work properly or  should the new 2.0 demo be another program entirely? Please help whenever you can, if you can--no rush. 

Hi there! Its best to delete the old version of the demo since this new one is made in a different engine


ramon making me question my sexuality fr

then hes doing is doing good at his job!

will the game be on steam when its finished?



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Very excited for the full game to come out!  I really enjoyed playing the new demo although I did notice what seems to potentially be an error with pronouns during the scene where the characters and player are changing outfits.  My character was referred to as they instead of she, and while I personally use she/they pronouns so I don't take issue with it, but since I could only select she/her, I think that might be a mistake. 

I also found that the volume control options were a little weird?  Having to repeatedly click in order to adjust by ten percent increments is a little clunky and doesn't seem to adjust the volume very significantly until it's just completely silent.  I assume that this will be potentially adjusted in the full game, like the implementation of a save feature though. 

Also, are there any plans to give the player any customization outside of name and pronouns such as heights or any other descriptive features?  I understand if that might be a little much, but it would be a nice way to make each playthrough a little more unique.

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Love the music though, good character dialogue and a unique plot. Hope the release goes well!

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Will there be poly or demi sexual content? Also will their be any more romanceable characters? Additionally why doesn't this demo allow me to save or skip dialogue like other dating sims? Is this just a temporary thing for the demo.

Its temporary for this demo! Since our programmers are writing the code themselves instead of working on a preexisting frame work that stuff like Renpy(popular engine for indie VNs) provides they have to built a save and skip system from scratch.

Thanks for the info, looking forward to the full release.


my pansexual a$$ is panicking when seeing to many hot people-


Where can I find the full game? I'm desperate to play more


full game is slated for next year!


BOOYAH! But please don't make it cost real money. 


sorry to tell you this but it will. We put alot of work into this project and feel it will be worth the price!

Dang...ok :( , the game is amazing though, I understand :). I'll see what price it is.

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Like I said,  the full game will be a paid product. The first chapter/demo that is playable will remain free.


When this is fully released I am totally getting it! I don't know how I'm gonna get it, but I need this in my life, so I shall find a way!


I saw Noel and immediately thought: he's gonna be my favourite. It's so nice to see all of this representation and especially asexual representation :)

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